Vysnu, slower or swankier?

I’m in a bit of a spot lately regarding this blog. As you probably have experienced, this page takes around ten seconds (average, on my less than 10KB/s connection) to load. Sig9, which is hosted on the same server, manages to chunk out a page in under two seconds. While the Sig9 main page is focused, small and sweet (largely due to Vivek), Vysnu looks and acts like a pig bladder – bloated out of proportion.

So why do I persist with this design? One of the major reasons is that Vysnu is blue. While many other people have white blogs, Vysnu embraces the Grecian Jug, at first mostly because I was so fed up of black on white. But every design also takes a cost in usability and I fear this is getting too unwieldy.

For a few days, I’ve been playing with an alternate, much lighter layout. As you can see, it’s black on white (though it has a few nifty tricks). But I’m stuck between worlds here because I really like the current layout too and it would have been a non-issue had page-load speeds been faster.

So I’m turning to you people, what do you think? Do you think the page-load speeds are bearable? What parts of the site do you rarely use (the kewl links, the categories, the outside links, the archives), what things should I scrap? Should I start over with a newer, faster layout? Tell me any suggestions you have and since I’m going to work on this site anyway, tell me anything that you want added 🙂 to this site.

I’m also pursuing other methods to speed up this site, so if you think something has blazed up suddenly, it isn’t you =)

4 responses to “Vysnu, slower or swankier?”

  1. Link, I’ll prolly redo this comment form in the same vein, just changing somethings to fit the layout. I also have an idea to trump comment spam (I’ve been getting almost 3-4/week) so I’ll maybe do that too. Thanks!

  2. The speeds are bearable. The present design is awesome, blue rocks :D. Kewl section, is a favourite, so are the archives. Wouldn’t complain about the comment form either, as long as you have a place for rants ;). Keep up the excellent work, Qhitch.

  3. Hey Vivek, thanks for the comments. I enabled gzip compression, it seems to have speeded things up a lot. I think I’m going to ditch the new layout and work on completing this one…like redoing this godawful comment form, it looks yucky :-(. I’ll prolly create an archive for kewl as well. Thanks!

  4. Although speeds are bearable, I would suggest that changing any aspect of the cms or the layout for a litle more speed would do more good than harm. Its the content that matters, and in Vysnu.com’s case thats what *really* matters ;). Of the various sections, I love `kewl links’ the most – keep it up.

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