Underground Scifi

Since the famous Robbie in I, Robot, people have written, talked about, and thought about how robots (sentient AIs) will change the life of humans. Asimov’s contributions to the genre have been immense, with the end result being a creation of a huge interconnected universe of beneficial robots that some authors even continued to write in even after his death. Robot stories are so popular that they have a newsgroup of their own: Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots and like any of the other newsgroups of its kind, if you sieve through the stroke, you’ll turn up a good many gems. ASFR also has a website, but it is not being updated at the moment and two other pages: ASFR Fiction and Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archive serve as good archives of content being posted to these newsgroups. Fembot enthusiasts could also check out the Gynoid Gallery.

Another site that deserves a mention is Elf Sternberg’s Journal Entries. It deals not only with robots, but with many other scifi elements, and is much more extensive and linear than the other archives.

One of the reasons why people stray away from any form of ‘underground’ reading is that most of it equates in one way or the other to erotica. Since that is one of the reasons why it is underground and less known in the first place, the qualification is not easy to remove. But some of the works posted to these newsgroups are akin to great polished works of literature, so much so that they even exceed published works in more mainstream genres. These newsgroups and sites may also be the only place where stories of these kinds are still being actively worked on since robotics seems to be a dying genre in modern scifi.

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