Quentin Tarantino doesn’t impress me. I haven’t seen Kill Bill yet, but I did see his earlier two: Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. These two films play with the element of time, and I’ve come to understand that time is indeed his signature plot device. The films portray a small fragment of time of its characters and it flows like a comic book – in rapid spurts, with a clear delineation between scenes. That is unique, and original, but it doesn’t do anything to me. Acting in these films is nothing special – Uma Thurman has a particularly convincing drug-OD scene in Pulp Fiction, and Tim Roth’s dying scene in Reservoir Dogs is something special. Tarantino plays with violence and blood a lot, and he uses it to shock and humor his audience, and that is another facet of his movies that I don’t really like. I want to see Kill Bill though, because Quentin’s movies are orginal, even if they aren’t that nice.

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