Quentin Tarantino doesn’t impress me. I haven’t seen Kill Bill yet, but I did see his earlier two: Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. These two films play with the element of time, and I’ve come to understand that time is indeed his signature plot device. The films portray a small fragment of time of its characters and it flows like a comic book – in rapid spurts, with a clear delineation between scenes. That is unique, and original, but it doesn’t do anything to me. Acting in these films is nothing special – Uma Thurman has a particularly convincing drug-OD scene in Pulp Fiction, and Tim Roth’s dying scene in Reservoir Dogs is something special. Tarantino plays with violence and blood a lot, and he uses it to shock and humor his audience, and that is another facet of his movies that I don’t really like. I want to see Kill Bill though, because Quentin’s movies are orginal, even if they aren’t that nice.

Published by vishnugopal

Vishnu Gopal is an Anime fanatic, World of Warcraft player, SciFi nut, hopeless romantic & CTO at SV.CO.

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