The very act of observation…

The idea is quite simple, really: the very act of observation changes the thing that you are about to observe. When you connect an irate CRO to a perfectly correct circuit, you are in fact making that circuit incorrect. The only way to compensate is to make the circuit incorrect in the first place. Since grad students are taught to go for the answer first, their contraptions (which have these elaborate work-arounds) won’t actually work “in real life”. Scenario: “Damn, this reads well alright, but it breaks my radio!”

Solution, improve the curriculum, or better: buy a new, working, CRO.

3 thoughts on “The very act of observation…

  1. Yes, it’s indeed a problem, though I have no idea what can be done about it other than to let someone else take the mantle, since though I’m concerned about it, I’m not sure I’m able to do anything to help.


  2. Hardly anyone from our generation has a decent grip about our traditions, history. Awkard seeing all of it slip away right before your eyes, and still you can do nothing about it. For all those ppl complaining about a generation slipping to the lure of the west, for crying out loud, give us something to ponder about our state of origin(Kerala). Concerned I am. Very thoughtful Qhitch.


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