Why I don't like Nudism

Pray, define rape? As far as I understand it, it’s a violation of the human body, an act whereby another person takes something from you. Something that you value. It follows that if you don’t value your body, and you are willing to give yourself away, you can’t be raped. Please understand that I’m not saying that prostitutes or mentally insecure people can’t be raped, I’m saying that people who attach no value for this sexual act can’t be. When you are raped, you lose something of value inside you – your body, or a piece of you inside you that you are willing to share with only a few other people. If you don’t accord any importance to that part inside you, but instead consider it as something to share with everybody, however dross or crass or repulsive that person may be, then you can’t be raped. Perhaps the word ‘rape’ itself is a misnomer here, I use it in the frame of meaning of “an unwilling sexual act,” rape itself means much more, and incidentally, it’s a crime of anger, not attraction.

I hope this is a simple enough extrapolation of a simple idea: If you don’t value a thing, you shouldn’t worry about losing it.

Pray, why do we wear clothes? Aside from modesty and social conditioning, I’ll wager that we value our bodies enough so that we only reveal them to people we like and trust. People who we don’t like don’t get to see us (‘us’) simply because we don’t like them enough. Nudists bare all, always. If I was a nudist, then I would have to go naked even in front of people who I find positively repulsive. Leaving aside silly reasons like being naturists or going around in the way God made us, this makes me value my body not at all. I’d like to infer that nudists don’t mind anybody looking on them because they don’t accord importance to their nudity.

But of course, seeing is not touching. If we decide to accord the same laxity that that nudists have towards their bodies to sex, then rape will no longer be a crime. Because the way we refuse touch is say “No” – the way we refuse sight is to wear some clothes. I’d like to believe that every person will selectively like or dislike some people – every person will have a code of values by which he grades other people, and no man or woman, just by the sake of existing, has the right to someone else.

That’s why I don’t like Nudism.

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  1. Ah! The folly of my youth =) Pray, correct me.

  2. That’s such a cynical view on something I imagine you have never experienced, my friend!

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