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I had a rule to not take any measuring tests online, but since Boris asked me to take one, I thought I’d try out a spate of tests just for the sake of completeness. Most of them are downright drowsy and predictable, a lot of them seem to exist just for the sake of boosting the test-takers ego =) I found Emode’s Ultimate IQ tests to be a good one though, I’d urge you to take it, since I stress-tested it for quite a long while using my mother and brother as dummies, it gives nice results 😉 My IQ is 133, and I’m like Bill Gates. I should say Yuck!

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  1. why not this way…

    Wicks – People
    Slicks – Corrupts
    Snicks – Criminals

    So, if some people are corrupts and some corrupts are criminals, some criminals are definitely people.

    well, this is absolutely true.

  2.  Avatar

    It is false… why?
    Well think of Wicks – Dumbos
    Slicks – People
    Snicks – Priests

    Now if some Dumbos are people
    and some People are priests
    then some Dumbos are definitely Priests?!
    This is not the case
    It cannot be ‘Neither’ due to the ‘Definite’ in the question. It has to be true or false.
    It is false

  3. the word “definitely” means that there would HAVE to be some Wicks as Snicks. But as it is impossible to tell whether there are or not, the only correct answer would be “False” I can not say definitively either way, but this does not mean “neither”. The statement is “some Wicks are definitely Snicks”, not “some Wicks may be Snicks” it’s simple logic.


  4. oops =( the scores rely on age so u might not score in the 80s answering all the first answers. But the simple procedure i did remains the same and the result it still FALSE. So enjoy =) (You get in the 80s if you are 15 or younger)

  5. =) well i took the test for you and found out the answer is FALSE. If you don’t believe me you are messed up. Answering either True or Neither gives a score of 82. While False gave a score of 84. This is a simple guess and check procedure and can be applied to any of the problems, although it would take somewhat longer on some. All i did was keep a control group while testing a single variable. Well have fun with this happy scores =)

  6. lol the test was a joke if you got a score of 144 how hard would it have been to start the test over and take it until you got 144. It’s way too easy to look up answers as i’m sure this whole string is about in the first place. if you really want to know the answer just take the test three times each time putting in the first answer in for all questions but the one you don’t know about. Do this till you find out which question gives the higher score. BTW if you take the test answering all the first answers your score is in the 80s which means that by simply guessing you are not mentally challenged but a little below average.


  8. By the way, mine is 144 on tickle so i can answer any questions you have about it.

  9. I’m pleased to see your iq is up where mine is from the ticke test. But now try this test at http://www.highiqsociety.org I invite you to go try first the ecma test and then the ta3. PLease, tell us what you get.

  10. … I took the same test… I am quite booksmart… 14 years old… 136… BTW Some implies that there is a possibility… so if there is a possibility that some wicks are slicks, (we will say the rarest happens and no wicks are slicks) and some are snicks, we know now that no wicks are slicks, and some slicks can be snicks, but there are no slickish wicks making no snickish wicks. -_- FALSE! and neither: that is for those that consider 10-20 being their iq on a good day

  11. Harry Kanigel Avatar
    Harry Kanigel

    The magic word is “then” meaning “it follows” — Since it is not true that “it follows” that “some wicks are definitely snicks” (imagine a Venn diagram where circle A intersects with circle B and circle B also intersects with circle C but circle A does NOT intersect with circle C), then the statement is false, since we can posit a situation that conforms to the “If” requirements where the “Then” is not true — i.e. it does not necessarily follow.

  12. aditya jairam Avatar
    aditya jairam

    Giving equal importance to “some” and “definitely”, it could be true or it could be false. So from the given options I would choose “neither”. You cannot say true alone or false alone. But both words neither and either would be right choise.

  13. Some wicks are slicks, but the same slicks needn’t be snicks. There is no realation between wicks and snicks.

    Wicks -> {1, 2, 3}
    Slicks -> {2, 3, 4, 5}
    Snicks -> {4, 5, 6}

    Some wicks {2, 3} are Slicks, and some slicks {4, 5} are snicks… but no wick is a snick.

  14. Daniel Avatar

    For the sake of argument, say each group has 10 in it. Wick members 3,6,8 are also Slicks and Slicks members 4,9,10 are also Snicks. Some Wicks (meaning AT LEAST one) are definitely (meaning no if’s, and’s or but’s) Snicks would be False, in this scenario 0 match up. By the way, on the same test, my score was 136 🙂

  15. Douglas Avatar

    If “Some” means at least one but not all, isn’t the statement still True?

  16. Douglas Avatar

    11. If some Wicks are Slicks, and some Slicks are Snicks, then some Wicks are definitely Snicks. The statement is:

    Is my understanding of the word “some” or “definitely” flawed?
    “Some” = between 0 and All.
    “Definately” = it is the case.

    Therefore the question can be reconstructed to read:
    If some Wicks are Slicks, and some Slicks are Snicks, then it is the case that 0 to All Wicks are Snicks. The statement is: True

    Please Reply – CrypticAffinity@aol.com

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