For most people reading – serious reading – implies books. For me, mostly due to necessity, serious reading nowadays implies whole nights staring at my 17-incher. At first, I missed the yellow paper, I missed turning pages – I missed my bookmark, I missed chewing on some passages and quickly poking at others to really enjoy the book. For all the wonders of digital text, computer reading is so terribly sequential – you press Page Down to go to the next page or you press the down arrow to scroll. With a book, you flick – so! – and the pages rush at you with an exhiliration that even 17 inches of real estate can’t beat.

A book is superior, at least with current technology, but since the big N interferes in my case (and maybe yours) I’ll show you some things that’ll make ereading a better experience:

Essentials for a starved E-reader (Checklist)

  1. A good monitor
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Microsoft Reader
  4. Read in Microsoft Reader Add-in for Microsoft Word
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  6. A good P2P

Interested users will figure out what’s common between the list.

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