Living a Blog

I’m a creature of habit. It’s not that evident when you first look at me, but most of the time, I do things just because I’ve been doing them my whole life. So when I want to start on a new venture, the best (and perhaps the only) way to make it successful is to do it again and again and again until it’s like tying shoe-laces. Some habits though are harder to form, harder to keep mostly because there is a world of difference between the living and the inanimate (yet more lively) thoughts that take up a huge portion of my head. Living a Blog is hard.

Blogs are conceited drivellish idiomatic snatches of thought that pulls in readers like an electromagnet pulls in nails – where the electromagnet throbs to your heartbeat and the nails more often than not, hurt. When you’re proud enough to start your blog, you’re stupid enough to assume responsibility. And exactly like the wheels that churn in real life, responsibility is a pain, but it’s also the stuff of life–it’s the currency (in the absence of paper) that people value you by. If you have to earn your way in the blogging world, you just have to be proud enough to assume you’re important. And you are.

Of course, it’s another matter to actually make this work. [/me promises regular updathes.]

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