Temple of the Winds

Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind

I don’t think I will ever forget Chapter 58 of this book. Ever. I hated Chapter 58 with all of my heart, but I love the book because of that chapter. It’s not an easy contradiction to resolve, I’ve struggled with this before and Mr. Goodkind seem to have provided me some answers. Good answers, answers that I thought I wouldn’t accept. Is this a fantasy book? Ha! Sure, it has confessors and wizards and Mord-Siths aplenty, but if you tell me this is fantasy and it should be read as such, I’ll laugh my head off. Goodkind is to fantasy what people think Tolkien is to fantasy; if you haven’t read Goodkind, go grab a book and start reading. Trust me, trust me, trust me, it’s that brilliant. When I started reading, I didn’t expect that it would be this good, Goodkind writes simple prose, J. K Rowling-ish, rather than Robert Jordan-ish, but he deals with real issues more than any author who dabbles in fantasy. Learn all the Wizard’s rules by heart, and it will help you till the end of time.

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