Sugar, Spice, and…

…everything nice. Powerpuff Girls – used to be one of my favorite cartoons =) There were many like that: Dexter & Deedee, Johny Bravo, Swat Kats, X-Men, Batman – alive blobs of color that I watched day after day after day. And now, I’ve stopped the flow down to a trickle – I still adore X-Men episodes and I still watch Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup when I can. Some people think I should be ashamed of that. I don’t really care about what some people think unless they can tell me why they think that way. But still, I think I can understand; it’s grownuppiness, and everybody’s so afraid of it.

People grow up damn too fast. Too fast sometimes to realize that things made for children can be things made for people too. I’m bad at explaining these things: nevertheless, don’t grow up until you must, or better; grow up, but don’t.

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