Pro Life

I’m talking about abortions. Killing fetuses, butchering sentient beings before they are born. And like all things placed before me, I look at the other side too.

I recently saw a documentary on the BBC about how the Pope is hurting rather than helping matters by being so pro-life. The Catholic Church, in case you are not aware bans condoms, abortions (even if they are threatening to the mother,) and does not condone sex education. It advises a policy of restraint and familial advice when confronted with menaces like STDs like AIDS. In fact, the church’s campaign against such necessary means to fight the disease is so blatantly against known fact that I think we’re living in the dark ages.

Being zealously pro-life – banning abortions and condoms, will not solve the real problems we face today. There are some vital questions that we should ask ourselves regarding these issues, whatever side that we are on: The United States has recently banned “late” abortions. How late is late? What if the pregnancy threatens the mother? What if the child is genetically deformed? What if the mother cannot support the child? Or in the case of condoms, why is imparting knowledge about sex thought to promote sex?

I can think of more questions like that, but I’d rather you think.

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