And so, just like that, Unchecked Ramblings gets into another munchy avatar. Permit me some nostalgia: UR One was born early in my days of web logging – early in the days of web logging when it hadn’t grown to quite the fad it is now, but then I was four or five years younger. It was all grey and white and with a cover page I believe (and it was all tables,) but it was still the UR that gave birth to Two and Three – swankier, better versions where I learned a bit more about funny things like HTML, Javascript and CSS.

It got a bit funnier in Four and Five since I learnt things like prefixing X to things (XHTML) and lengthening and confusing the expansions of some others (ECMAScript) and of course, my dear sweet PHP, and sweeter CSS2 and swankier tableless layouts which Tresni first introduced me to. Some might say that Four and Five are retarded brothers of their predecessors – they are right in some ways, but I tend to now think that Less is More.

Clean shiny layouts don’t break under stress. Fast Forwarding from Four, UR stagnated for a while, till I found Koal (which is a CMS I’m still developing) and then it got an XML frontend. Of course, Real Life changed many things. I met some new friends, made a new site, a new log, and then I even bought myself a new domain.

Not forgetting lesser cousins, this is Avatar Seven of Unchecked Ramblings, and sadly I’ll let the name slide. Welcome Vysnu into your midst.

What can you expect?

Daily updates for one. I’ve no excuse now and that’ll help me a lot<g> Vysnu is powered by B2 and that makes for damn easy post composition in a very sleek interface. I sort of really like it. Till I can get Koal up and running the way I want to, I’ll hack the B2 code to get things done. Aside from that, some more content. I know I’ve dropped some hints around here that I write a bit. I do, and I’ll post some of my stuff here, soon. Those stories would probably make me still weirder, but what the hell, I’m too happy about this to care.

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  1. […] ysnu. The first post, believe it or not, came on September 5, 2003 Read more about Vysnu here. (I’ve also put in a note to celebrate my anniversaries in more pomp from now on). # Vysnu […]

  2. Hi!
    You have surprised me!.. good |_uck

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