Of Music

Suman came over today, and he brought me a CD which had a lot of old, and new, Malayalam and Tamil songs.
I had (consciously or not) lost touch with music from both these languages for over a year now, and it was
nice to see some old songs bringing some good memories back. (Yes, I am 100 years old<g>)

But seriously, for the last two years or so, South Indian Music had a leg in this boat and the next one, but I’m
glad that it has finally found out a means to bring them along. “Secret of Success” in the film Boys is a serious
contender to any English or Hindi Rock. Part of the reason might be that it is partly sung by Lucky Ali –
nevertheless, it is a nice pat-in-the-back for something that I adore – fusion. It’s something we Indians are very
good at. I heard a Punjabi rap mix of Eminem the other day 😉



Have to go to Chenganoor tomorrow. The ‘have to’ implies that I’m not really willing to go. I’d rather
sit in front of the box and program than go to my mother’s place and attend a wedding between people I’ve
never really known. But it’s part of the big O [Obligation ;-)] and I really don’t have a choice. Especially
when you were enjoying me so much 😉 Not to worry, I’ll return in a week. My email address won’t send out
a vacation message during that time, but you know where I am. No, there is no way you can reach me.

The Silver Lining? I get to finish a couple of chapters of my ongoing fantasy novel. And I get to sleep. A lot.

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