Fast Breakers

So I’ve been doing a 16 hour fast daily, for almost for 4 months now. Mostly as a way to get a bit more fit, and it’s honestly been helping quite a bit. I’m a bit more focused in the mornings, and although my tummy does grumble towards lunch, it’s been easier to get rid of my tummy fat, and I feel better after a bit of exercise in the mornings. It’s also—along with Keto—almost the easiest way to lose some weight.

Until recently I’ve just been doing the fast, with no tracking & all that: it’s easy enough, eat before 9, and then have lunch next, instead of breakfast. But recently I installed this app called Zero: it’s quite nice honestly, the best feature could be its watch app where at a glance I can see if I’ve filled my fast meter. But it’s also got this nice little “share my fast breaker” feature. And I’ve been using that to take some photos of my lunches, and snacks. So here’s some food!

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