Mullvad: the Better VPN

So I’ve been wanting a better VPN for myself for a while now. Mostly because of the silly internet censorship that India has imposed, but also because it’s better security, and a more stable internet connection. I also wanted one that collected the least amount of data, and had simple payment plans.

Enter: Mullvad

It’s a VPN service based in Sweden that doesn’t even ask for a mail ID when you register. You get instead a unique Mullvad number that you can top up every month (for €5). Here’s how I configure Mullvad:

  1. I use Wireguard instead of the default OpenVPN as I’ve found Wireguard to be far more reliable and it connects quicker too. You can change this in Settings > Advanced > Tunnel Protocol.
  2. I also have Monochromatic Tray Icon turned on in Preferences. Honestly, this should be the default on a Mac!

It’s been working very reliably for me with fast and reliable connections & no drops even during all day video meetings. The only time I couldn’t get something to work recently was when I was trying out Ubuntu Multipass. Apparently Multipass (or Hyperkit really) & VPNs don’t play well together. Otherwise, this has been a breeze!

Highly recommended!

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