A Google-free Chrome Browser

I use Safari for most of my daily browsing needs, but if you are a web developer, you absolutely need to have Chrome installed. Three-quarters of the world use it as their primary browser, and the development extensions are far superior to what you’ll find in any alternative[1].

But: you now get stuck with a Google browser. And especially for someone like me who’s been trying to use Google less[2], this is annoying. Enter: Ungoogled Chromium.

It’s a Google-free version of Chromium, and it tries hard to remove everything Google. It’s close to perfect, and if you combine it with the chromium-web-store extension, it provides almost everything you want in a perfect development browser. Sans Google. You are welcome!

[1] Just to be clear, Google the company is repulsive. Googlers—the developers—are awesome. They, along with really cool folks at another equally horrible company (Facebook!) build tools that I use and love every day.

[2] I have almost done away with Google in my life. I’ll probably close my Gmail account real soon now! The only services I use are Google Maps and Youtube (both signed out, on my iPhone).

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