Trip to Mahe

Last month, I took off on a short trip to Mahe with some friends. Here is one sweet video I took from the trip:

& my favourite photo:


Even though I took the Leica on the trip, I took most photos with my iPhone X and a borrowed DJI Osmo (a fancy gimbal), and the photos didn’t turn out to be too bad at all.

There’s a great trifecta that make Mahe an appealing drinking destination in Kerala: great & unspoilt beaches (North Kerala has lots of em), cheap alcohol (Mahe, even though completely surrounded by Kerala is a union territory and part of Pondichery), and great non-vegetarian food (because of the Muslim population). Unfortunately, I was on a detox regimen when I visited, so couldn’t enjoy this part of the tour much.

I also went and visited parts of North Kerala that were near, including Thalassery which again has excellent food, and Muzhipilangad, which is the only drive-in beach in Kerala. It’s a fantastic beach even if you don’t bring in a vehicle, as I almost waded a half kilometre off shore before encountering crazy depths.


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