I think it’s popular now to criticise Apple, and particularly Macs, but there’s one simple reason that I switched to Macs and have been using them ever since:

I was tired of spending time on my computer working on my operating system instead of working on my projects.

Do read: 25 Years to Mac – How Ubuntu Pushed Me Away from the PC. I do go back to Ubuntu every now and then in Virtual Machines, but it doesn’t come close. And Windows is not *nix, so that’s never an option.

I think what Google should have done was build their own version of Linux, just like they built Android inspired from iOS. I bet lots and lots of folks would have paid money for a stable, usable, friendly & Googley Linux. And stuff like their Pixel laptop could’ve done more than just run a browser.

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  1. Anoop: you know my thoughts in detail. Too many of them I think so will shut up! 😉

    Pangu: nice to hear from you. When you say you are biased, do you work at the big G now? :-O Who do you think the Pixel is useful for? Students perhaps? I don’t use a lot of Chrome apps myself and haven’t found the experience great or as polished as a native app. Ubuntu isn’t a great experience yet: this is what the OP says.

    Android guy: All power to you!


  2. I’ve been using a Mac since 2005. I still think it is a great operating system on some exceptional hardware. Pixel is pretty impressive hardware too. The OS is not just a browser either.

    But then again, I am biased. 😉

    That said, I don’t think the solution is Google building a Linux distro. It is not breaking the current model of having to run an expansive operating system to do things. The web is a fantastic platform to build things for people and an operating system that is the web platform is far more useful than a general purpose OS today for most people.

    Also, there is a great linux distro already – Ubuntu.

    P.S. Plug alert: The pixel is kinda impressive. I’ve been using one as my daily driver for some time now.


  3. Well, I agree with the ’25 years to Mac’ guy more than I thought I would 🙂 Still a long way for me to ditch Ubuntu for a Mac – but I have a feeling that my persistence would be tested pretty soon.


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