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(This post was written a way back. Couldn’t find the upload b/w to up em photos until now)

I’m leaving for London tomorrow. It seems like a good juncture in my life to look back at good moments in my life. So in no particular order, some good moments from my life, with a bit of commentary. This is also to some extent an exercise in narcissism, so am begging for advance forgiveness right here.


Me, Sony, Andrews and Sanj, 25 Oct, 2007. This was one of the few times Sanj Andews and me got together after college. Sanj & me have the beginnings of bald hair here, and Andrews as usual is the glamour boy 🙂


This is at Vivek’s cousin sis’s engagement. A whole lot of us turned up that day. I remember hiding the drink when his mom came calling. 30 Jun 2007.


Me and Sherin. 9 Dec 2008. At Coffee Beanz, Kochi. One of my favourite places, and one of my favourite people.


MobME (then Torque)—the old office. This is after I came back from Delhi but before we moved into better offices in Kochi. This photo also has my beloved mac. 10 Jul 2007


Aks and me when I went to Blore on one of my many trips. I remember lots of other people turned up that day, but it was after a long time that I got to see him. 5 Nov 2007.


Nandu, Vivek and me, in a pub. This is a landmark photo coz this is how Nandu started drinking. 🙂 5 Nov 2007.


15 Mar 2008. DP, Prema and me, Loungevity. So I have the unique distinction of being one of two people to get DP into a pub. She wouldn’t let me drink tho! 🙂


DP and me, Fort Kochi. 3 May 2008. I love this photo. I remember all of us (the other people being Sanj and Prema) were very happy that day.


28 Dec 2008. Me at the Taj. With Sanj, but I’ve decided this is the photo I like best and he just happened to be the one taking it 🙂


29 Aug 2007. Me after getting on a Vallam, traveling from Malakkara to Aranmula and back. With Mom.


24 Nov 2007. Me at the first Barcamp Kerala. What we started off then is now really active and doing good. Great stuff!


(22 Feb 2009). Prema girl and me in the boat to Fort Kochi. We did this trip many times and often by sitting on the edge of the boat like this. And then Kashis for coffee, and sometimes Dal Roti for dinner. Good times!


Me and Meera—we have a lot of photos and it’s hard to pick one, but I like this. Muthoot Plaza, 18 Jun 2007.

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