Hulu videos from India

So I’m right now doing something interesting. Ever since Hulu first blasted me with a “This video is only available in hillbilly USA” notice, I’ve been meaning to evade that. The answer is of course obvious – there’s only one way a website knows where you are from and that’s via your IP. So, fake your IP.

The easiest and a free way is a privacy proxy like Tor. However, speed seriously sucks thereafter and downloading videos is a distant dream. I ended up using one of my old ivacy accounts and connecting to it via the neat integrated VPN support in the Mac. Ivacy has a fake my IP address origin option and voila, free videos. Hulu, like Youtube, buffers pretty well in the background too. (Update Hulu only buffers 5 minutes at a time. Major PIA)

Serenity/Firefly FTW!

Hulu streaming from India

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