Google Earth fun

Today, just for fun, I tried finding out the places I know in Google Earth. It’s remarkably easy because unlike the last time I tried, the resolution has increased a lot. The map overlay helps too but it’s easy enough finding it through the satellite imagery. One problem is that most of Kerala is heavily wooded and the greenery obscures a lot of detail.

So this is the MobME office. The hexagon shaped building & the water tower is hard to miss from above.

MobME Office

And this is where we stay – Tata Green Acres, Kochi. The bright blue water in the picture is our swimming pool 🙂

MobME House

And this is where my house is in Trivandrum – I really can’t find the exact spot because of all those woods.

Vishnu House

The new Panoramio integration is really cool btw – lots of photos everywhere I travel. (rediscovered via @google at Twitter. So do follow)

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