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My friend Vijay is a total Where’s-my-new-version addict. As in: “Is there a new version of ITunes out?” “Wow, is that a new version of foobar2000 you’re using?” and several other questions along that vein. Before Internet came along strong and new-versions couldn’t just be downloaded under a minute, I was a good resource to satiate these needs since my dad frequently mailed and sent across Windows magazines that came with a CD (and later DVD) and the latest and greatest. And to add to that, the abundance of CHIP, Digital, and other Indian computer magazines that I bought regularly.

It is a good addiction to have and largely side-effect free, except for the occasional “Wow that dude’s got the latest” jealousy syndrome and “Man I should’ve just stuck with the older one – that at least WORKED” frustration. I confess to having a slight case of this addiction as well. If it ain’t broke, better it, yo! This brings me to my frequent software changes and this blog post.

Browsers I change at the drop of a hat:

Listen, oh Firefox,
I know I’ve been unfaithful
But the new Safari’s so cute and chromy
and dreamy all in one.

Opera’s just a fling, you know you’re my
true love, but
sometimes I do stray to Camino for it
reminds me so of you and yet not.

But rest assured, oh Firefox, my love
be that may you’re fat and thorny
Your fire drives my bugs away and
for that reason alone, I’ll spread your word
far and near.

… well, something like that.

Currently, Safari is totally rocking my boat!

Safari Screenshot

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  1. Too bad you are moving away from Opera. You convinced me about this one in school (yeah that would be around 8 years ago) if I remember right. Have been using it ever since.. even though typing this from Firefox

  2. Oh dear lord, just how geeky can you get… Consider that rhetorical.

    Chrome uses WebKit too. Should i brace for yet another ditty?

  3. Safari 4 Beta, you totally rock my world!!

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