Mobile Social Networking In 25 Days

This was my talk for BarcampKerala2. Decent event, although I had to leave post-noon.

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  1. […] We finished web site in 25 days. The above picture shows the working location Cool na . The Blue shirt is vishnu. He was the total controller. Always sits with headphone and English mp3s. Can you see a white board behind him. That was the “Navigator”. You can see the digest of 25 Days here […]

  2. Anoop: will do 🙂

  3. hmm.. looks like something i was really interested in.. missed 🙁 anyway maybe sometime, you can fill me in 🙂

  4. Was a gr8 presentation….looking forward to leech some of those points into my own creations….lol

  5. […] how to create a web application. Its a real life case study of what went into building MobShare. Slides for this presentation is available at […]

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