Barcamp Kerala LiveBlog

(Edit: was a liveblog, now over!)

Hey so I’m at BarcampKerala and this is a liveblog. Random impressions:

  1. The hall is really cool. It’s a big open, really lighted space and the infra is also pretty nice: power, wifi, et. al.
  2. Sreekanth did a really great job with the goodies: every camper gets a name tag, a file with a notepad, and a coke. Good stuff!
  3. I gave a presentation on Gosu-N3wton. The slides are at the end.
  4. Hari gave a pretty interesting presentation about Bluetooth automation which generated a lot of discussion.
  5. We have an Airport Base Station here (courtesy Pratap) as a WiFi router. How cool is that? 🙂
  6. In general, I found all the talks well done. For a first time event, it was really awesome. The percentage of really techy people (the best kind) was also the same. There were fewer people, but that’s easily corrected the next time around.
  7. So we had more than seventy people turn up. Exact number not known because by the time we counted them, lots had left (afternoon syndrome). Including some students from the nearby UCK college who made an interesting audience. I was impressed with Dhanesh and Dev who did something with QT. Kudos!
  8. All my photos are on flickr!
  9. Amit linked to me.

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  2. […] Barcamp Kerala LiveBlog […]

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  5. […] Barcamp Kerala LiveBlog […]

  6. […] Barcamp Kerala LiveBlog […]

  7. Thanks Edlhose! We’ll have the next barcamp soon in Kochi, hope to see ya there!

  8. hi,

    you have done a good presentation about the game development with Ruby. wonderful idea in implementing the real physics in game. thanks for a great time


    Eldhose Mathew

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