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I tried out the new Ubuntu Gutsy today on my mom’s Compaq Presario V3000 (didn’t install, just tried out the LiveCD) and found it to be a really good revamp from the last version. Now WiFi works out of the box, the battery indicator works perfectly, and there’s a bluetooth screen for managing bluetooth devices. The new desktop effects are also pretty cool: I switched from ‘normal’ to ‘extreme’ and found em windows wobbling all over the place. The inbuilt virtual desktop is also smooth and not distracting. While the fonts look a bit too rough, I found web pages very readable in Firefox, and the color theme is also pretty easy on the eyes (although I’d prefer a more colorful default theme). I love the Ubuntu Terminal, it’s much better than the default Mac one.

I can cautiously say that Ubuntu has gotten to the point where a web programmer (a non ASP type) can easily ditch Windows for Linux and not pay the premium for a Mac. There are things the Mac still does better and places where the Mac experience feels a lot more polished, but Ubuntu is closing the gap very fast.

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  1. Hai Everybody, Finally i got Ubuntu Gutsy working in my Laptop. Soon i will post all the details about my experience. So that it may be an useful for others also. See you sooooooon

  2. Anoop: your site’s down? ASO account trouble?

  3. aaha. was planning to try it out. hopefully i have all drivers for my compaq.

  4. It’s a V3070TU. And the LiveCD works fine. I haven’t tried to install. Oh and 32 bit.

  5. Hey, Can you tell me What Version you have tried ? 32 bit or 64 bit ? and whats the exact model of the Compaq Laptop ? Because Its not working for me and for many on their Compaq laptops. Your information will be more helpful. Thank you. And if possible please post about yours also at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=581225

    Thank you.

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