Chak De India

Chak De India

I watched Chak De India yesterday and found the movie disturbing. I’d rather India had lost at the end but still come home to accolades for playing well. Focusing on victory as the singular goal seems to be so wrong. I also thought the movie took a rather unsubtle dig at the media’s reaction to loss and its treatment of a muslim player. [The movie itself was mediocre with Sharukh’s overacting and tripe dialogues; however surprisingly broad: everything from cricket’s unequaled popularity to sexual undertones between the coach and players].

7 thoughts on “Chak De India

  1. Ashok: You’re right although I still don’t like loss = gaddar and win = hero.

    Fragger: It’s a good enough movie, no loss, esp. if you’re skipping work 😉


  2. Finally, somebody who agrees with me on SRK’s performance in Chak De India!

    While I liked the sport scenes, and have no quarrel with an Indian win (after all, India’s women’s team did win the gold medal in hockey in the Commonwealth Games), the dialogues were irritatingly predictable.

    Losing at the end would have made it a documentary 🙂 But hey, they did squeeze that angle in the match with the men’s team earlier on in the movie, right? I cried at half-time, and laughed in the end. We are all sadists. 🙂


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