Tata Indicom Plug2Surf on a Mac

My mom and bro gave me a Tata Indicom Plug2Surf for my last birthday (geeky gift, I know. What can I say? They know me too well). It’s only been with me for a couple of days but I’m already addicted to the sweet device. And as usual, set up is as Mac-ish as can be… if you know the proper settings.

  1. Start by plugging in your Tata Indicom device. It’s a blocky ugly but functional device that takes up more than its share of USB ports on my Macbook. The small light should change from red to orange and then stay a pale green.

    Tata Indicom Plug2Surf pics

  2. Open System Preferences and navigate to Network. A Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM device should already be detected. Select that and click Configure.

  3. Fill up the settings as in the pic below. The number to dial is #777, the username and password are the same: ‘internet’ (lame!). Be sure to check Save Password to avoid nag screens.

  4. Click on the Modem tab and from the list choose the ‘au CDMA 1x WIN W01K’ modem. The default selection will not work. Navigate back to the PPP tab and click Dial Now…

  5. You’ll be presented with Internet Connect, the general dialer application for the Mac. I use this for VPN connections as well. Check ‘Show modem status in the menu bar’ and click Connect. It should take under 5 seconds and the dialog will expand to show statistics for the connection.

The tariffs are reasonable. It’s Rs. 2500/- for the device and Rs. 350/ per month (paid like a postpaid bill) for 30 hours of net access a month (overcharges are 25ps for a minute). I have a BSNL plan otherwise, so this is for mobile net. It’s not entirely as plug2surf as the advertisement shows however since on Windows devices, you’ll have to install a driver (provided in a tiny CD). On a mac, you don’t, but you don’t know how much of tariff you’ve used either.


  1. Thanks for posting this invaluable information; however, I am failing to implement it! I have a MacBookPro4, 1
    with Mac OS X version 10.5.6. I may be getting a different template on my laptop than what you have laid out.
    The computer does identify the tool, whose light turns green. Am I supposed to install the software that came with it on my Mac? I suspect the answer is no, because that software is incompatible with Macs anyway. Is that correct?
    Well, what my template shows is as follows–exactly:
    >Location: Automatic
    >Configuration: Default
    >Telephone Number: [I fill 777.]
    >Account Name: [I fill *internet*, as you have suggested for user name.]
    >Password: I fill internet, again.
    [I also hit the “advanced” button, choose au by kddi as the vendor and wxxX (PC Card)as the model. I have tried with the two other models as well.]
    Then, I go back, apply, and connect. It give me the following response: “No carrier detected. Please check phone line connection and try again.”
    Any help, please?

  2. how to make this plug2surf modem to work with hcl laptop properly installed drivers but the indicom dialer displays a message-modem unplugged,plug modem the usb ports r working great the modem works well with other comps
    thank u for ur concern

  3. Hi vishnu,
    Thanx for the great deal of info for mac os x drivers.i would like to know if u have used the latest provison from Tataindicom namely Photo+ which promises around 2 MBPS line broadband.But the sales guy told me it doesnt support mac. Do u have any idea or have installed it anytime.
    Any info from the rest is highly appreciated.

  4. there is a slight variation in the new osx leopard, where instead of selecting ‘au CDMA 1x WIN W01K’ , we have to select “other” and the rest will be detected on its own.

    Cheers !!!

  5. Hi guy, just a note to say thanx for the advice.

    I just swapped a TataCom USB from a PC to a Mac and back and it works fine on both systems.

    I didn’t have the modem script you mentioned but I had one called “au CDMA C4135 by Sony” when I checked the modem tab and it worked!!

    Bit slow, sigh, but sitting here in the Goan jungle, writing this to you guyz… it’s Fantastic!!

    Thanx again,

    Good to know there’s a growing MacCommunity here in India, I’m an old school MacMan, been using them since 1984 when all was B&W.

    So if anyone needs any tips on old OS’s I might be able to help.



  6. Hi,
    I am using Huawei EC325 datacard on my Mac. Now apart from connecting to the internet I also want to use it to send/recieve SMS, make/recieve Calls on Mac. How can this be done. With windows the utility that comes along provides these features. How about Mac.


  7. hi,
    i m using the tata indicom cdma modem. i guess the modem has some problem due to which its not fitting in tight into my laptops usb. i have to hold the modem so tht the light blinks n net gets connected.

    can i get a new modem.. if so how?

  8. don’t ever try to purchase this device its a waste of money and neither proper service is been provided.at the time of payment what ever bill they charge as they want they don’t provide proper service at all they just tell do this and do that and it will work.neither their engineer know what the problem and the customer care executive know they are just useless having no knowledge so i recommend do not purchase it it will give u just headache and trouble their internet will never work most of the tome its down and they then charge for it.

  9. Dear sir
    I have a tata indicom cdma 1x USB modem but i don’t have this CD and my computer has formated
    than now how can i install this please if you have any solution please give me.
    I have windowsXp in my Laptop.

  10. the guy who sez he gets 128 kbps is talking through his hat. he is simply quoting results from speedtest.net. actaul DL speeds will average around 15kbps and no more. been using tataindicom wireless modem on unlimited plan for a year plus, and traveling everywhere, and this is what y’all will get-30-35kbps peak DL/UL averaging on 15 kbps over sustained surfing, downloading. nothing more.

  11. Dear sir
    I have a tata indicom cdma USB modem but i don’t have this CD and my computer has formated
    than now how can i install this please if you have any solution please give me.
    I have windowsXp in my Laptop.


  12. Dear sir
    I have a data tata indicom data card but i don’t have this CD and my computer has formated
    than now how can i install this please if you have any solution please give me. I have Vista in my Laptop.


  13. i hv bought a tata indicom data card cn i use another sim on ds data card………..bcoz service is not good..//

  14. Hello…. thanks for the support… this helps to connect on Mac…. but I dont have the drivers CD to use this thing on my Winxp…. can someone plzz send me the drivers setup files to me…. Thanks in advance…


  15. Hi all

    I have the Reliance Huawei USB data modem EC325. Is there anyway to reprogram it to work with a Tata Indicom connection ?

    I suspect it would take some kind of swipe clean and reinstall of system software because Tata Indicom at one time also sold this model of modem but now does not.

    I use a Mac – which is an additional issue I know, but before I updated to Leopard, it was working on a driver i downloaded from the Thai site of Hutch for OS 10.4X

    Any suggestions pl email to falconhill@mac.com

    I would like to kick Reliance in the A*** and move to tata – reliance is a CHOR company. BUt if i do, i have to toss the modem unless I can reprogram it.



  16. Hi Vysnu,

    First of all, thanks for the basic info. My tata indicom plug2surf USB modem works with my MacBook as the qualcomm driver is immediately detected upon plugging it in.

    However I recently got an old Ibook G4 as well, with TIGER OS, and the qualcomm dialogue is missing. Tried the AU CDMA connections but in vain.

    Can you tell me the precise sequence of connecting this on the TIGER OS please?


  17. Hey Vysnu,
    Your post was extremely informative and I a sure it will be very helpful if and when I purchase the Plu2Surf device.

    What i would like to know is

    a) How long did it take to recieve the device i.e. was there a shipping/delivery process or was it over the counter?

    b) Was there an activation period or does it just work out of the box?

  18. Tell me how i can get the drivers for CDMA tata usb modem.B’cause since i buy it its not working properly.and i dont have cd.so guide me….

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  20. can i get download tata indicom cdma 1x modem driver for windows vista

    i buy this tata product but i cant use because of driver problem in vista

    can u please help me for this

  21. im using mac book …. wit os x …. im using tata indicom wireless conn … i felt its slow ..how to increase the speed … speed+ software is avail for mac ?..

  22. worst waste but amount is is is a big ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………very high , th

  23. Padma, what you’ve said is very confusing, posting screenshots will help. If you’ve got leopard, the process is a bit different, but the device you select is essentially the same.

    Tom, thanks for the PIN code thing.

    Nydia, it should work on a powerbook.

  24. Hi
    bought my mac -basic a couple of months back-leopard OS. and the plug-2 surf a couple of days back. tried to install with the cd which would not open! abrol told me about this site.
    problem: the boxes that open in mine are different from the ones that your steps indicate.
    also while the qualcomm device is detected, i cannot configure it because it is not listed in the modem list! [the configure button does not appear as it does in yours!]is there any other equivalent modem that i can click on? i tried a couple didn’t work of course!
    i urgently need help–the vendor refuses to do anything, says he told me it does not work on the mac–but he didn’t. and the tata guys seem to know very little. are there any drivers for macOS?
    i have Windows on the mac–just in case. but i haven’t used it at all and now i have forgotten how to open in Windows! that apart, can i install it after opening in windows?
    will it work on macOS after i have so installed it?!
    Please HELP!

  25. Hello Everyone,

    My review on Tata Indicom Plug to Surf after 10 days of useage.

    Well the device is very inconsistent.In terms of speed.It works when it wants to and it does not work when I want to..the speed is erratic.Disconnecting and then reconnecting helps at time but thats not one can do all the time.

    All in all not very happy with the Speed,instead of hiring actress Kajol for the Tata indicom Plug 2 Surf Advertisement.Tata should invest more money in improvising the speed.

    Worst part the meter keeps ticking whether it opens the page or not and you get charged for something you are not using.

    So think before investing

    G.S Abrol

  26. Thanks for the info…..

    If anyone is having problems using it on a mac, check if the PIN code is enabled. With it enabled it won’t connect so I had to use a PC to disable the PIN code and viola it works great on my mac.

  27. hello everyone,

    I tried using my friends,plug 2 surf on my mac book pro following instructions on this site…

    all it took is less than a minute for me to get connected….

    I must really thank Vysnu for the efforts…he has taken to provide us this vital information…

    Now i will check the connectivity,speed and let u guys know u

    Thanks a million

    Warm Regards
    G.S Abrol

  28. I am using plug-2-surf for the last 6 months.Excellant device.I use WinXP home edition with SP2. Recently I tried on HCL mileap with XP starter edition.The stuff doent work.The dialer closes every time i try to connect saying problems encontered and application has to close. can any one help.

  29. hi vysnu

    first i have congragulate u and ur efforts regardign plug2surf even though tata indicom offical web site is not givning that much support in this matter

    i am also facing a new problem today i restore my xp and try to installed p2s it installed but while dailing i got massage that PLEASE WAIT PORT OPNED and it hang after sometime one massage displayed it ERROR THE CONNECTION ATTEMPED FAILED THE MODEM (OR OTHER CONNECTING DEVICE) ON THE REMOTE COMPUTER IS OTHER ORDER
    pl give me solution

    pravin surve

  30. Thank you for the advice guys,I will try using the plug2surf owned by a friend if i find its working i will buy one for myself and let u guys know about the performace..Regards

  31. Sid, Swapnil, lbhat, priya, you’re welcome!

    Abrol: The experience has been reasonably good, the speeds are nothing to write home about.

    Aditi: you should google.

  32. Hy thanks it was really helpful!! one more question do u know how to configure gtalk on iChat, I was using it but weird thing happened when it asked for the video conference, since then i have not been able to connect again although i am following the given instructions….it says can not connect to talk.google.com seems weird.

    1. Hey aditi.
      I’m getting the exact same problem. I have the Tata Indicom Broadband connection. iChat doesn’t seem to connect at all. But it’s working perfectly fine on other ISPs. Any luck?

  33. Many thanks for this! Since the Tata Indicom customer service is unlikely to have any clue about Mac support, this is great. BTW, I called BSNL customer support for my DataOne broadband issues and I was asked about the OS. I said, Mac OS X. The exec chided me saying, ‘Sir, I asking about the OS’. Hmmm.

  34. Hi thr,This seems to be a very interesting site.I must share my experience.Yesterday i walked into a Tata Indicom Store to check on the Plug2Surf since im on the move and need a reliable internet connection,spoke to the store rep he did not know wht was MAC,luck tht I was carrying my machine along,so i showed them.he then made a phone call to someone (may be a technical advisor) or someone,I was then informed that Plug 2 Surf does not work on the MAC,i was like but u had drivers for the Huawei Modem to be downloaded for MAC on your website they had no clue about it.I suggested why not try using the stores demo Plug 2 Surf modem on my laptop and see if it works.I even went to the extent of telling them tht if something goes wrong with my laptop i will be responsible for it.But the store manger flatly refused he he would not allow me to test it on my laptop…I walked out of the store with a RED FACE and telling them that they were not interested to making a sale…

    I will go to the store again show those monkeys this website.

    But before i go ahead and invest money in the device i would ask people is it worth all the efforts. how is the speed? connectivity? i already have an idea tht they have some issues with the billing…

    Is it worth all the efforts? how is the Reliance USB modem?

    Pls HELP

    And Thanks Vysnu for his initiative.

    G.S Abrol

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