SlideShare Twitter Mashup

So here’s a SlideShare/Twitter Mashup (command-line ruby code) that does these things:

  1. Gets buzzwords from Twitter. It does this by analyzing tweets and getting popular words (filtering out common ones) with the Twitter API.
  2. Gets the most popular buzz word and searches the SlideShare tag database with it (using the SlideShare API).
  3. Prints out the buzzword and the slideshows that’s associated with it.

The source code might not be a great example of filtering and getting popular words, but it’s a good demo of how simple the Twitter and SlideShare APIs are (REST yay) and how easy Hpricot makes parsing XML docs.

There’s a zip (with the source code, common_words.txt, twitter_words.txt) here: Enjoy. 🙂

3 responses

  1. Hey the zip file download link is broken, can you send it ?

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