MiniPosts fix

This is a fix for the excellent Miniposts plugin by Morgan Doocy. There’s a miniposts2 variant that includes this fix as well, but since I don’t use widgets yet (or maybe will never) here’s the fix. Took me around a half hour of hacking. Thanks to this excellent guide. [The problem was every time somebody commented I lost the ‘mini-postiness’ of the post. Kinda nasty.]

mini-postsphp.txt and just the diff.

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  3. Yeah, that’s not great as it doesn’t allow you to limit the number of miniposts viewable. Eesh.

  4. Not particularly familiar with adding in code like this (but having the same problem so interested in figuring this out). I’ll let you know if I have success or not!

  5. Yay! Notice also the new ‘Subscribe to further comments on this post.’ checkbox courtesy Subscribe to Comments.

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