DP leaves Loyola

Ashok writes:

Loyola’s loss is All Saints’ gain. Deepa Madam had come to the school after a few years’ stint at All Saints’ College in Trivandrum. And it is to there that she will return in the morning of 4 June.

Just like every bit of succinct writing of Ashok’s, that accurately describes the facts. And as is his signature (although this time to his credit), none of the feeling.

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Loyolakut[1] is amazed, despondent, and as usual, a bit skeptical. Well it’s true. After 15+ years of being in Loyola, she’s decided to leave.

Like a lot of people, I feel sad. It’s not because of any altruistic reason though (not ‘the school lost a good teacher, oh, what’ll happen to Lafest?’) but a rather very personal one. It’s been five years since I graduated from school. In all that time, I’ve gone back every year several times just to meet one person and now it seems that the last link has gone away. My attachment to the school derives a lot from my love for DP. She’s the one who taught me to think before I write, roped me into numerous ‘Will you do this for me?’ tasks, listened to me when I had the most trivial of problems, and talked to me about stuff other grownups wouldn’t touch. And to think she’s done this for hundreds of kids like me.

She’s the best teacher by far that I’ve had to date. No contest. I could go on about how good she is etc., but I’d rather wish her the best. Pretty sure she’ll do cool things in All Saints, which in my book is a good thing any day. 😉

[1] Loyola + Orkut. You’ll need a login for those links to work.

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  2. hmmm. She finally did it eh.. remember how many times this rumour spread while we were there.. anyways Loyola is going to loose something big!! 🙁

  3. A lady so close to heart,
    A loss; I am sad to part!

    But she stays in kowdiar still, a mere one mile and a half away. 🙂

  4. And wow.. so much technical crap on the site.. er nice 😀

  5. Ah well

    just saw the link on the newsletter from loyolites.com.
    anyway my cousins here.. hes an old boy … and my neighbour
    he didnt know she left
    he came over to tell me that he just saw a loyola bus… and saw DP in it…then realised that its not a Loyola ka bus
    the all saints bus looks almost like ours he says…
    but then he thought it must be someon else
    i just told him and he just.. left..
    wel miss u dp
    but i can say

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