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I’ve been working the past week on a project called Fastblood. It’s a scheme to connect blood donors to people who need it badly. Developed using OO PHP5 and an amazing Web 2-oh framework called Symfony, Fastblood aims to network all the blood banks in Kerala & serve as a one-stop solution for people who wish to request blood. I’ll be working on it in the coming weeks and add in sweeter features. For now, there are wireless and web tie-ins into the request interface.

There was a big launch today at Muscat hotel, with the inauguration of Fblood by the Chief Minister of Kerala and all; incidentally, that also led to me appearing in a couple of TV channels out here. If that gets to be a habit, I’ll start a Me on TV tag around here… 😉

I’ll update this post later with an interim project report (technical) that I prepared earlier. Get that project report here. Due to some confusions while packaging, my laptop got exchanged with another today (hence no files), hope that’s resolved soon.

A few plans that I have for Fastblood:

  1. Add in AJAX tie-ins
  2. Opensource the project
  3. Add in a community feature ala orkut

Browse over to Fastblood, let me know your suggestions.

Later, I’ve noticed that my big highs tend to be coupled with pretty big lows. Going to veg out with some movies. Take care all & wish me luck.

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