IT Kerala 2006

I’m going to be away for a week from tomorrow: to Kochi, to attend the IT Kerala 2006. Torque has a stall over there, and if you’re in the vicinity, I suggest you find your way to the IIITM-K posters and give us a peek-a-boo. I’ll be in and around the venue, and am excited about participating and being in Kochi (and also, taking a break from my really wacky schedule nowadays).

We’ll be having a nice company showcase there, and also talks on Fastblood and a couple more new ventures. Like Blag, and more.

I’m lugging my notebook along (and my trusty Airtel GPRS net), so expect posts on the road, and a log of my experiences over there. And photos. 🙂

Selling India Inc. at Davos

The recent surge of patriotic movies and national fervour aside, whenever I go out today, I’m met more by a sense of optimism and hard-work-being-done than the traditional Indian way of treating work as a holiday. My view is of course, extremely myopic, but there is indeed something happening in this country that will make it soon explode into the world scene. Selling India Inc. at Davos is an interesting article on how the attitudes towards India have changed.


I’m considering switching to lighttpd on all my projects online. Currently one third runs Apache 2 with lighttpd proxied in, but I wonder what it would be like to have lighttpd take it all. Somewhere down the line, I imagine managing a dedicated server network, and then I’d like it to be all lighttpd+FCGI+PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby.