Dark Princess

This goes out, with love, to the two women who broke my heart, and taught me to love. 🙂

Miss Beautiful, unreachable, suave and Me;
the broken hearts recipe.
Let it be said that when fate frowned a wee,
I did hold on and smiled afree.

But that was later,
knees turned to jelly,
voices to dust, and non-existant throat-sounds
for when she was near,
I listened, gave and loved her drunk.

Scarred? Hated women and their breed,
and all their conniving ruthless heartless souls

But then, sometimes, you listen and learn
from your dark princess,
lessons she gave, but you forgot
Moan, for you have doubts
Laugh, for you have misery,
and smile,
and keep smiling,

Then, my second,
that special type of woman
a girl who smiled and talked and wrote anew
a chapter in my life, the foolish I had thought

When you learn the lesson that
it takes two to love
But one to keep loving,
two to kiss,
but just one to take a breath;

When you learn to part ways,
and still earn a loving

You remember not with hate,
but with true memory
and you salute your dark princess
and seek a new one.


Hallo, patient reader. It has been a month. Again. The last few weeks have brought much of sorrow, much of accomplishment, a lot of new faces, and some very precious moments of happiness. As is my rule which I’ve scarcely broken, none of the bad times here. 🙂

There is something that I’m so busy with in all my waking moments, but I’ll still not blog about. That will come when that becomes a thing I’m proud of. And dear Neil, I acknowledge your tag and your reminder, but if I were do it, it should be done right, and I can’t seem to do anything really right these days.

Six, perhaps seven days from now, I’ll return to this blue melting pot. And perhaps then, I’ll have more to say.