Wordmaker is a python program that helps people learn words and their meanings. It’s a console program, so run it from the command line. Use wordmaker --update initially to retrieve a seed list from the web (fetched from the Sig9 Words database), and then use wordmaker to output a list of word/meaning/usage triads. The mode I find most useful though is wordmaker --question which lists the word first allowing you to recall it from your memory, and only then displays the meaning and usage.

It’s a very simple and ad hoc python program with less than 65 lines of code. I’ve uploaded both the source and the windows binary out here. It’s BSD licensed, feel free to do what you want with it.

TODO: It’s not entirely synced with the words list as of now, but that requires a server patch-up. Maybe if/when Vivek feels like it, he’ll work on that. 🙂

Download: Source | Windows Binary

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