Special Friends

This is a very sensitive topic, sensitive mostly cause it’s personal, and so I’m reluctant to write this here. I have a policy (since time immemorial) to keep this blog as less personal as I can. While I’ve deviated along the way, mostly this blog has been about philosophical connivings that have little to do with the outer me. The inner me is well… weird enough that it needs rants (like this) to vent off some ill-used steam.

Anyways, this topic has been preoccupying me for some time now. So I’ll start, as usual, with a definition.

No first, the etymology. This phrase wasn’t coined by me… I first heard it out of DP (aah, another character who’s had but a brief mention in the blogs here, and yeah well… for reasons mentioned above, it’ll stay that way), so I’ll attribute it’s origin to her. However, I’m sure, the concept existed way before she first so elegantly put it into words.

A special friend, is of requirement one of the opposite gender (oh, unless you’re homosexual, in which case, it’s necessarily one of the same gender) who walks the fine line between a friend, a beloved, and a sibling. She’ll stray between those lines a lot, often enough and far enough that these distinct relationships will blur and blur more until you’ll never be able to figure out any fitting defintion. You’ll love such a person… obviously: you’ll be genuinely fond of her, you’ll be proud of her, you’ll adore her, you’ll take care of her, you’ll want to hug her sometimes; you’ll laugh and cry with her, and you’ll try your best never to not lose contact with her. Like Dil Chahta Hai says about a particular relationship: it’s something that cannot be put into words, but which becomes so so important to you.

On the surface, the phenomenon may look like a fabulous (fleeting) infatuation rolled into fondness and some grounds for friendship, and for doubters, it can never be proved otherwise, but you should be able to realize love when you see it 🙂

I’m not a person with many close friends, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a ‘special friend’ until a few months ago. And just for feeling what I feel now, I’m insanely grateful that I have her.

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