SCTCE Alumni

SCTCE Alumni is built on a forked WordPress 1.5 code-base, with a hacked register page, profile page, and with insinuating site-graphics replaced.

For Loyolites reading this, it is also a small-tryout of the features I’ve planned for the LOBAglobal site, now really outdated.

Loyolites, SCT-ians, everybody, please leave your comments/suggestions below. And watch that site for updates.


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  3. hi
    sct,pappanamcode final year students are conducting a technical and cultural festival

    we needed some help from you in this matter
    can u give your contact details

    hoping a reply soon

  4. Jayakrishnan: I’m no longer maintaing the SCTCE website, and am not sure if they have a site now. The one linked in this page will not work.

  5. Vysnu,

    I am from batch 2003 passout. Sitting in office and thinking abt the collge I made myself google for some SCT Blogs if any. I couldnt find much but for urs. Could find many from other engg colleges..
    Good job done

  6. Thanks 🙂 LOBA site is next on line for a revamp, I’ve learnt some lessons from this one, and I’ll use that to maximum effect next time round 😉

  7. Vishnu,
    good job with the sct alumni site. hoping to see a lot more features coming up there. plz make the loba site also login based. most of the recent alums dont live in the same place for a long time and are always on the move…so if given the option to update our coordinates that wud help. also we need a listing of all alumni blogs. many of my classmates dont even show up on the site though they are members.i really appreciate ur efforts.

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