SCTCE Alumni

SCTCE Alumni is built on a forked WordPress 1.5 code-base, with a hacked register page, profile page, and with insinuating site-graphics replaced.

For Loyolites reading this, it is also a small-tryout of the features I’ve planned for the LOBAglobal site, now really outdated.

Loyolites, SCT-ians, everybody, please leave your comments/suggestions below. And watch that site for updates.

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  7. Sonu: somebody called me up today & I gave em a friend of mine’s number.

  8. sonu thomas Avatar
    sonu thomas

    sct,pappanamcode final year students are conducting a technical and cultural festival

    we needed some help from you in this matter
    can u give your contact details

    hoping a reply soon

  9. Jayakrishnan: I’m no longer maintaing the SCTCE website, and am not sure if they have a site now. The one linked in this page will not work.

  10. Jayakrishnan (jaykri) Avatar
    Jayakrishnan (jaykri)


    I am from batch 2003 passout. Sitting in office and thinking abt the collge I made myself google for some SCT Blogs if any. I couldnt find much but for urs. Could find many from other engg colleges..
    Good job done

  11. Thanks 🙂 LOBA site is next on line for a revamp, I’ve learnt some lessons from this one, and I’ll use that to maximum effect next time round 😉

  12. Jiby Kattakayam Avatar
    Jiby Kattakayam

    good job with the sct alumni site. hoping to see a lot more features coming up there. plz make the loba site also login based. most of the recent alums dont live in the same place for a long time and are always on the move…so if given the option to update our coordinates that wud help. also we need a listing of all alumni blogs. many of my classmates dont even show up on the site though they are members.i really appreciate ur efforts.

  13. Corrected! Thanks da!

  14. Check the Register Page. ‘C’ in SCTCE is missing. Correct it.

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