Firefox Tip: Easy Searching

For those of you using Firefox, this could be a nice feature to know about.

Right click on any search box (on say Google, or Answers) and you’ll have a context menu option called “Add a Keyword for this Search…”

Right-click on a search form to add a quick search

Click on it, and you’ll be presented with the Add Bookmarks dialog-box. Make sure to fill in the keyword text box – make it something distinctive and easy to remember (like dict for a dictionary) and save the bookmark to the folder conveniently provided by Firefox (called Quick Searches).

Now you can type in “<keyword> search term” on your Firefox address-bar and it’ll jump directly to your search result. Enjoy 😉

I’ve bookmarked this way (to a keyword ‘a’). The advantages of this are pretty obvious; I want a sure-fire answer to anything, I just type in “a <topic>” in the address-bar and zoom… I’m informed 🙂

2 thoughts on “Firefox Tip: Easy Searching

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