Perverts’ Own Country

It is interesting to note that during my entire trip of South India, the girls with me were probably the most hassled when we came back to Kerala. This is after we visited big cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore, and it confirms a theory that for long I’ve held true: ‘Chastity belts breed perverts’.

I think I haven’t elaborated on this particular situation in my state before; it’s something that I’ve chosen to write about in my next LOBA column, so you’ll hear my say then. But until then, I’ll leave you guys with a short poem.

To look, not to
To smile, not to
To talk, not to
And to learn when to give up,
and when not to.

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  1. I couldn’t resist! That is one line which is 100% correct and an apt title.

    Pervert’s Own Country!

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