This is a note to all ex-loyolites who stumble on this page.

As you may have heard on the LOBA e-newsletter, I’m taking over the LOBA web presence. On the cards is a rewrite of the code to make it XHTML and Mozilla-aware, minor tweaks to the interface, and much better innards. Post any suggestions that you may have here, or forward a mail to webmaster .AT. lobaglobal.com. Although I won’t be aiming to bring about the radical change that Ashok and Abhishek brought out, it should be a steady evolution :-D.

Personally, I’m excited at the prospect because lobaglobal.com allows me to play over an SSH terminal, a luxury I don’t enjoy here. Once I figure out how to work the connection, I will be excited long enough to make interesting things happen.

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  2. Jacob Mathew Avatar
    Jacob Mathew

    the lobaglobal.com site is down..

    why is it down? did we renew subscription??? how come no one has contacted us??

    jacob mathew
    (LOBA US coordinator)

  3. Thanks Ashok, I’ll need it. Now that I’m back I’ll work on the site more, I have a few good ideas and they might work out more than okay 😀

  4. 1. Tech/Design: Exploit the power of the Net by making the site more interactive (instead of the loba-to-visitor brochure-feel which it has now). For example, in addition to the existing guest-book, ensure space for visitors to post comments on articles, write-ups on teachers, etc.. More bloggish, I suppose. Greater sharing and participation by visitors will enrich the site, and is in tune with the LOBA spirit.

    2. Design: lobaglobal stats show that visitors head for articles or features, which are spotlighted on the homepage. Thus, quite a bit of the site ends up ‘hidden’. So, how about conveying a better picture of the depth of the site by spotlighting (on the homepage) more of the content?

    3. Tech/Content: Go the e-commerce way this year itself? Memberships, alumni products…the website can spur creativity and activity in LOBA.

    lobaglobal 2.0 (2003-04) focused on building content, generating awareness, and highlighting the potential of having a good website. Hopefully, lobaglobal 3.0 (2004-05) will focus on the tech aspects, even as it continues to build content and a contented audience.

    Best of lucko

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