School and I

It was when I went back to school the other day that I discovered how much I missed organizing things and speaking. Compared to my time in school, my college is a pretty sorry spectacle for the eye: no events to speak of, no magazine to write in, no good teachers, no basketball, very few interesting people and lots of useless free time. Add to that a very aging syllabus and the general apathy of everyone around and it sucks something out of me everytime I go there. I hate the idea of compulsory attendance first and foremost. Granted, I did choose this stream to be in, but sitting shut-eyed through desultory classes is hardly fun. And it seems as if the topics which are supposed to be interesting are taught by an equally spineless faculty.

A frequent refrain in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is that you can’t be embarassed unless you allow yourselves to be. Another quite apt observation I have to make is that you can’t be depressed and sad and wallow in self-pity unless you open the door. But college nowadays is just enough marks so that you can take home a good report card. And that’s a sorry state to be in.

A mantra to live by:

Don’t look, don’t care, don’t wallow in it at all,
Sit tight, think pretty, and climb off your heavy wall.

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  1. I knew this post was a mistake… <g>

  2. Tribe Chief, Loyola OBA Avatar
    Tribe Chief, Loyola OBA

    Missing organising and speaking? And nostalgic about Loyola. I seem to have stumbled upon the next Jt.Secretary of LOBA. Now’s the right time to call you, eh? 😉

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