Poocha, my cat =)

Rejoice! Shuttered Eye is back. My dad managed to repair my non-functioning camera and I’ve started taking pictures again. A few will grace these pages soon.

The above picture is of my house-cat. Her name is ‘Poocha’ – and admittedly that’s quite unimaginative (for all you non-malayalees out there, a cat in English would be a poocha in malayalam) but my mom, brother and I spent too long a time thinking up a name for her and by the time we came up with one, what we called her in the meantime (vis a vis, poocha) had stuck. She had two children early in her life (she’s four years old now) – Blackie and Snowy, and regrettably both have left us for greener pastures =). Poocha is now neutered at my mother’s insistence, but she lives a comfortable life and is the laziest cat that you’ll ever see, sleeping almost always and perking up only at the sound (or the smell) of food.

She is also incredibly cute =)

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  1.  Avatar

    Its the most adorable name for a cat

  2. She is. Very. 😀

  3. your poocha sounds really cute

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