Moving a finger

Bad things are happening to me and I have a feeling know that most of it is my fault. I also know what I should do about it, but I can’t seem to move a finger. So in case you’re wondering about the sudden dearth of posts, this is the reason.

Some of the things I’m working on right now:

  1. The Microsoft Visual C Toolkit and the cl (command-line) compiler, I’m currently toying with integrating this with GNU make; this is good stuff, for the first time you can have a completely free yet non-GNU solution for your compilation needs. Package management can be done by .vbs scripts, or better, small rebol ones. I’ll keep you posted.
  2. The screenplay I mentioned, it’s almost complete, but will need more work before it goes up.
  3. My column at LOBA, which seems to have shuttled urls now.

Failings of this website

They are many things about this site I’m not happy with:

  1. The design is almost patently inacessible, though I’ve tried my best.
  2. My writing here is definitely second-grade. In fact, my writing everywhere is. I don’t spent enough time to clean up after me. That will be rectified very soon. Less is definitely more.
  3. The Kewl links in the sidebar don’t have an archive. Some people have complained that they whir by too fast sometimes.
  4. When you click the comments link you get a dirty popup comments page. Even I go “Yucky!” when I try to post here. Besides, popups aren’t cool. This, like the problem above is on the todo list.
  5. Titles are unnecessary. That would result in permalinks breaking which is the reason I haven’t changed it… yet.