Rational Anarchy


Anarchy exists when there is no form of government control over the people and they do as they please.

Rational Anarchy is something a little different. Rational Anarchists deplore any form of government and realize that in the end, all forms of organizational control curtail rights which should be free. The reasons that Anarchists are against autocratic government are obvious, but some explanation might be required for democracy:

  1. Men are created unequal.
  2. The majority is not always right.
  3. An uninformed majority is always wrong.

However rational anarchists by definition are not terrorists, loons or morons. They realize that they live in a less than perfect world, where other less secure people need rules to live by, and a functioning society to tell them what to do when. So while maintaining an indifference to governmental controls, they do their best to remain within the framework that society has placed on them. When they go out of bounds, rational anarchists may, depending on their moral code, shrug and accept punishment or retalitate.

There are many examples of anarchy in books (several authors seemed to have stumbled across it independent of each other) and a very few examples in history, but a working anarchy would, I think, mean an overhaul to our entire value system. Till then, we have rational anarchy to contend with.

One response

  1. The problem with rational anarchy is that it pre-supposes that people are rational and/or are individually subject to rationality as an epistemology. As we can see, the vast majority of humanity is superstitious, narrow of vision, and only accept rationality and the laws of reason when it applies positively to what it is they wish to believe.

    I think the very term “rational anarchy” invites itself as a political entity. It doesn’t make much sense or difference if it is applied by only those who are light years ahead of the society or culture in terms of understanding morality as a phenomenon of consciousness and knowledge.

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