Anonymous versus not

My first blog was anonymous. It was a long time ago, and not related in any way to Vysnu’s history, and I had a free rein over the content. When you’re not anonymous, when your face (cut and polished and tinted with blue, but still your face) glints off the weblog cover, you rein something in you in. A weblog is hardly a private diary, hell, even my mother has taken to reading this (Hi mom!) with the net effect that Vysnu now sports a few changes:

  1. I’ve adopted a panda that shoos away children. I call her Candy. Be polite and wish her a good stay.
  2. I’ve made a few posts private. I really hate doing that, and believe me, it was a tough decision. So, you may miss some references: for example, the last post will be gibberish to most people. Have patience, my friend. All will be revealed. In good time.

For people who continue to ask for more episodes of Kharke, may the Goddess be with you. I’m working on Chapter 4 and 5 as we speak, and also a new chapter in the life of David and Anita.

Edit: Correcting a typo in the title: ‘verus’ versus ‘versus’ makes the whole permalink go wonky. Must be more careful in the future.

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