First Week of January, 2004

Audioscrobbler service screenshot

Discovered AudioScrobbler [about] today. It’s an open database of songs that people are playing. The service has plugins that integrates with your media player (mine is Foobar2000, plugins are also available for Winamp, Windows Media Player and XMMS) quite well and it submits anonymous (to the extent that you are not personally identifiable except by your IP) listening statistics transparently to the site. A nice thing is that once you have the plugin, AudioScrobbler doesn’t bother you at all – no popups, no ads, and nothing that’ll worry you, the process is entirely invisible. It also creates a cool personal page of the songs you are listening to, take a look at mine. It’s wonderful because Audioscrobbler stores your entire playing history. You may realize new things about your listening habits if you take a look at the list a year later, a thing that I certainly plan to do =)

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