A different type of a cage

An old friend visited me today. He’s studying in Mumbai, and listening to him brought to mind with a zing things that some people take for granted and things that I in Thiruvananthapuram never see. I don’t love this place, there is nothing here that I like except the people. The only thing good about my college, my home: my city are the people in it. Or at least, some of the people I know. That, and the fact that I sometimes (very rarely) see some things here that goes right into my head with a bang and makes me think like I’ve never thought before. I never used to be a dreamer, but lately there are so many things that I want to do, and it seems that the things that I do are unimportant drams of cheap beer.

Yes, I would really like to move out. And yes, I am trying. The grass is always greener…

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