Rubbur Band Photo

Continuing my plug of my favorite band from these parts, don’t forget to watch Rosebowl today at 9:00pm. I’m sure you’ll find them great.

Edit: They are great!

Edit (2): It’s Rubbur band.. =)


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    well doesnt rubbur band have a site of its own…..hari if u r reading tis plz dont forget me…..u guys rocked trivandrum…and u shld do it again…inform me when is the next concert


    u guyz r great but i have a little complaint u guyz promised me to get me a drummer and a singer… on earth am i goin to form a band with just a guitar i am not steve vai………….lewi and sunil u r great but not as great as me!!!

  4. Neil Padayatty says:

    Thanks. I think I’m becoming a regular visitor at your place.

  5. qhitch says:

    I’ve mailed u Ana’s id.. Btw.. it is Rubbur Band as u said.. =)

  6. Neil Padayatty says:

    Say Vishnu,
    I heard that Anand got selected in some talent hunt. What about it? Give me Anand’s mail id if you have it. So long.

  7. qhitch says:

    It is? I’ll ask Kurian, never knew…

  8. Neil Padayatty says:

    Great going, Rubber Band. That’s because Loyolites are the driving force behind it.
    But Vishnu, i thought it was “Rubbur Band”!

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