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Continuing my plug of my favorite band from these parts, don’t forget to watch Rosebowl today at 9:00pm. I’m sure you’ll find them great.

Edit: They are great!

Edit (2): It’s Rubbur band.. =)

8 responses to “Rubbery”

  1. aRJun
    well doesnt rubbur band have a site of its own…..hari if u r reading tis plz dont forget me…..u guys rocked trivandrum…and u shld do it again…inform me when is the next concert

  2. u guyz r great but i have a little complaint u guyz promised me to get me a drummer and a singer… on earth am i goin to form a band with just a guitar i am not steve vai………….lewi and sunil u r great but not as great as me!!!

  3. Say Vishnu,
    I heard that Anand got selected in some talent hunt. What about it? Give me Anand’s mail id if you have it. So long.

  4. Great going, Rubber Band. That’s because Loyolites are the driving force behind it.
    But Vishnu, i thought it was “Rubbur Band”!

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