Recommending fnm for node version switching

So I’m a distant admirer of Reason, and one of the benefits it brings is the ability to have a single language that both compiles down to Javascript so you can use it on the web, and also have a native backend so you can write incredibly fast command-line tools.

fnm is one such native ReasonML tool that’s at least 100x faster than any other node version switcher. Recommended!

The Squiggle of the Design Process

From the parent post, which describes this far more elegantly, but this made me think of how programming a product is sometimes very similar. You are told to build a feature, and you start by exploring how to go about it, there’s a bunch of googling, a whole lot of visits to Stack Overflow, a lot of exploration around the codebase, until you have a concept.

The only difference is, from there it’s hardly a straight line. Similar yes, but oh so different.

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