JS Rockstars: Make everybody play well together!

I’ve built a small Typescript project that makes a bunch of Javascript libraries play well together. It looks like this:

I used to be a 100% Ruby guy, but I’ve learnt a lot about JavaScript and the Typescript world in the last year. A lot of the experience is great, and frankly, far better than you’d find in the Ruby world, but one thing that is clearly inferior is how many choices there are, and how all of them are “much too big to play well together”[1]. This is an attempt to fix that, an opinionated project that uses the best JS libraries out there to build out a full stack application.

You can see more info about it here: js-rockstars. Do give it a whirl and let me know feedback! 🙂

[1]: Much like one of my favourite NBA teams from the early 2000s.

A Plug for Razzle & Next

My last post (a year ago, sigh) was about how to configure a JavaScript application from scratch. Since then, I’ve built an isomorphic Node and React app that’s doing pretty well in production and learnt a lot of lessons along the way.

If you are looking for the “Rails” of the JS world, I have two suggestions for you:

  • Razzle: more configurable SSR solution that comes with most batteries included!
  • Next: lovely DX, super-fast defaults, and amazing traction (they have a collaboration with Google), but a bit less customisable.

My app was built in Razzle, but if I was to start today, I’d probably choose Next instead!