This blog serves a purpose.

However, I’ve always wanted a portolio site. Head on over to it’s the first time I’ve crafted a design so elaborately, and it embodies a few things I’ve learnt since Vysnu. It’s also pretty heavily inspired by the work Ashok did for the Lafest souvenir (which btw is a work of art) – the sleek black and white design really got me thinking, and Vish is the result.

Allow me to vish it on you one more time ;-). Leave comments here.

Python-ish post

Read this. A technical overview of something that I developed for an SMS Yellowpages solution that will hit my city soon.

Feeling a bit more energetic today, so decided to sleep a little less. All I’m seem to be doing these days is sleeping, reading (A good amount of John Ringo) and studying: ordered in the ratio 1000:1:0.1. Will see you guys when life returns to semi-normal.

SCTCE Alumni

SCTCE Alumni is built on a forked WordPress 1.5 code-base, with a hacked register page, profile page, and with insinuating site-graphics replaced.

For Loyolites reading this, it is also a small-tryout of the features I’ve planned for the LOBAglobal site, now really outdated.

Loyolites, SCT-ians, everybody, please leave your comments/suggestions below. And watch that site for updates.

Sig9 Words Usage

An interesting idea yesterday night and three hours of work this morning led me to create Sig9 Words Usage.

The idea behind Usage is to create a simple page which chunks out real world usage instances of difficult English words, in cases where a simple Google Search isn’t enough.

This complements the excellent Sig9 Words created by Vivek, and if I can believe his plans this time 😉 Words is going to increase its database a lot in the near future :-D.

Try out Usage: eschew, mellifluous, profligate, arcane, etc.

More sweet goodies will come out of the Vysnu factory soon, stay tuned 😉